Press Releases and Articles


Elaboration of contractual guidelines for the Waste-to-Energy sector

Contractual uncertainties can hamper the efficiency needed by European waste management. To improve this issue, ESWET aims to coordinate the…


How to reduce methane emissions? Notes from a successful workshop

On June 2020, ESWET delivered a presentation on Germany waste management in the workshop “Methane emissions: best practices in MRV…


A resilient waste management system to overcome the next crisis

Public authorities are now planning the post-coronavirus recovery, but the worst mistake would be to endure, fix, then forget. To…


We need more ambition to divert waste from landfilling

Measures to prevent the leaking of waste streams suitable for recycling or recovery to large-scale landfills are missing, even if…


EU Taxonomy – Waste-to-Energy can be sustainable

In light of the political agreement text, the Technical Expert Group (TEG) has recommended bringing Waste-to-Energy for further consideration to…


BAT Conclusions for Waste Incineration – ESWET reaction

Setting new standards of excellence for the Waste-to-Energy sector ESWET welcomes the publication by the European Commission of the Best…